Manx National Party - Mec Vannin call on OCSE to send observers to Catalonia

Mec Vannin the Manx National Party has called for the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe to intervene in Catalonia. This is after Spain has sought to crush democracy in Catalonia and reacted forcefully following the declaration of independence.

“Dears Sirs

With reference to the current situation vis a vis the Madrid and Catalunyan governments, we cite the United Nations Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples:

Dragon visits Ireland for Wild Lights at Dublin Zoo festival

Wild Lights at Dublin Zoo is festival of light that is on from 3rd November 2017 until 7th January 2018. An enchanted lantern trail has been designed with beautifully crafted, giant colourful lanterns and illuminated sculptures inspired by wildlife. Silk lanterns will include those in the form of a pride of lions, orangutans, tigers, giraffe and monkeys that will light up the skyline. This festival of light also has a Chinese theme with displays of a 16-metre high porcelain elephant tower and a 30-metre long Chinese dragon.

Fairy Pools community land acquisition on Skye and need for long term tourism strategy

On the Isle of Skye (Scottish Gaelic: An t-Eilean Sgitheanach), the belief in the existence of fairies, or “the little people,” goes back to prehistoric times. Something that they share with some other Celtic peoples. A number of places on Skye are associated with this local legend. Locations like naturally occurring pools typically under waterfalls are seen as a favoured site for the little people to gather.

Isle of Man: Island Represented at Cornish Festival

With the popular Cornish festival Lowender Peran on schedule for early November, Manx participants will soon be packing their musical instruments and dancing shoes for this annual extravaganza, but this year's invited group could prove to be a bit of a red herring.

Who has contributed most to Manx culture? RBV nominations underway

Media realease from Culture Vannin:

Who has contributed most to Manx culture? RBV nominations underway

An annual cultural award named after our very own Celtic sea god, Manannan, the ‘Reih Bleeaney Vanannan’ or RBV is awarded to an individual or group who has made the greatest contribution to the Island’s cultural heritage. Nominations are open to the public throughout November, with the final decision made by representatives of various Manx cultural organisations.

Hark! The Glad Sound of Cornish Carols

Hark! The Glad Sound of Cornish Carols

Following the huge success of Shout Kernow – Celebrating Cornwall's Pub Songs, winner of the Waterstones’ Holyer an Gof Award (awaiting its third reprint in spring 2018), Sally Burley and Hilary Coleman have turned their attention to exploring the continuity and revival of the Cornish carolling tradition. They have travelled all over Cornwall – to pubs churches, chapels, town squares and private functions – recording stories, memories and local versions of carols.

Scottish island of Sanday in the Inner Hebrides to get its first road

The small Scottish Hebridean island of Sanday (Scottish Gaelic: Sandaigh) is to get its first road. When built it will replace a track that gets covered by water at high tide. The road will be a mile and a half long. Sanday is connected by a bridge to the larger neighbouring Isle of Canna. The Isle of Canna Community Development Trust is helping with a crowdfunding campaign to raise more than £31,400 to pay for the construction of the road.

Ancient Pictish carving found during work on Scottish road building project

A large Pictish stone carving has been uncovered during a road building project in Pertnshire (Scottish Gaelic: Siorrachd Pheairt) in Scotland. The carving features a walking figure with a distinctive hairstyle and holding a spear.  The weapon is typical of spears used in the mid first millennium AD. Contractors stopped works in the area to allow archaeologists from Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust and Culture Perth & Kinross to inspect the stone and the site of its discovery.

Mysterious face that looks down from the bell tower of St Salvator's Chapel

The University of St Andrews is the oldest university in Scotland and was founded between 1410 and 1413. It is in the town of St Andrews (Scottish Gaelic: Cill Rìmhinn) which on the northeast coast of the historic county of Fife (Fìobha). The university occupies historic and modern buildings located throughout the town, including St Salvator's Chapel. Noted as a rare and beautiful example of Late Gothic architecture it was founded in 1450 as a part of Bishop James Kennedy's College of the Holy Saviour. The University has two collegiate chapels.

Welsh Language Society Condemns Proposal to Remove Welsh Language Commissioner

The Welsh Language Society is in the forefront of the struggle to preserve, promote and protect the Celtic tongue of Wales. The group define themselves on their web page with these words:  “Cymdeithas is a group of people who seek equality of access to the Welsh language and campaign positively in a non-violent way for rights of people in Wales to use the language in every aspect of everyday life."

News From the Welsh Language Society:

Cyhoeddwyd gan Anhysbys ar Iau, Hyd 12th am 10:15 yb (October 12, 2017)


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