KPMG increasingly comes under spotlight after high-profile scandals see share of UK public sector contracts fall sharply

KPMG is a professional service company and one of the Big Four auditors, along with Deloitte, Ernst & Young (EY), and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). The name "KPMG" stands for "Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler," a name adopted when KMG (Klynveld Main Goerdeler) merged with Peat Marwick in 1987. The headquarters are in Amstelveen, the Netherlands. KPMG is involved in financial audit, tax, and advisory services. KPMG has a operations in a number of the Celtic nations.

Isle of Man: Snowdrop Walk in Dalby Raises Funds for Charity

Despite plummeting temperatures, a good number of people braved the elements to visit Dalby House to see a wonderful display of snowdrops, which bloomed in abundance along the driveway and at the rear of the house, where they were more sheltered from the bitter, winter gales. A limited supply of potted snowdrops were also for sale but rapidly purchased by early visitors to the event.

New Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald calls for doubling of party membership

At a special Ard Fheis held in Dublin today and attended by around 1,500 party delegates, Mary Lou McDonald has been formally elected as President of Sinn Féin. Mary Lou McDonald is a TD (a member of Dáil Éireann, the lower house of the Oireachtas, the Irish Parliament) for Dublin Central. She was the only contender for the position and has been president-elect of the party since the beginning of this year.

Letter published in West Briton causes a stir!

A letter published in the most recent issue has caused a storm of protest and our social media accounts went into meltdown!

In just over an hour, the Facebook sites administered by KM received well over 20,000 views and drew hundreds of comments and shares. These numbers continue to grow and many are writing that they will not be buying the West Briton newspaper as a result.

In the letter which the West Briton headlined 'The People of Cornwall are English', a recent incomer from Essex who purchased a home in Truro wrote the following:

Irish parliament's vote to ban offshore oil drilling gets the approval of Cher

The Petroleum and Other Minerals Development (Amendment) Climate Emergency Measures Bill 2018 was debated in the Dáil on Wednesday and secured the backing of 78 TDs, with 48 opposing it. Dáil Éireann (Assembly of Ireland) is the lower house, and principal chamber, of the Oireachtas (Irish legislature).

Call for support of Gaeltacht community on Tory Island

News from An Conradh Ceilteach - Irish Branch of the Celtic League:


Protect the Community of Oileán Thoraí!

For fear of the island being abandoned, the people of Oileán Thoraí have organised a protest due to be held next week. Representatives from Toraigh will be protesting outside the Dáil in Dublin on Wednesday, the 14th of February from 10am onwards. They are asking supporters to come out and to be present for 11am.

Isle of Man: Manannan's Choice of the Year Awarded to Phil Kelly

This year’s Reih Bleeaney Vanannan (Manannan’s Choice of the Year) has been awarded by Culture Vannin to local man Phil Kelly, recognising almost fifty years of work in teaching, promoting, publishing and developing online resources for the Manx language by one of the cultural community’s most unassuming leaders.

Devolution for Cornwall

Devolution for Cornwall

Following a number of enquiries, Cornwall Council's information on devolution to Cornwall can be found here:

Selina Cooper – Cornish suffragette, first woman to represent the independent Labour Party, pacifist and rights campaigner

Selina Cooper was born in Callington, Cornwall in 1864, the daughter of Charles Combe and Jane Combe. Selina's father was a labourer and died of typhoid fever when she was 12 whilst he was working away from home. Her mother was left penniless, and as there was little work in Cornwall she decided to take her two youngest children, Selina and Alfred, north with her, to get work in the textiles mills. Her two elder sons, Richard and Charles, were already there. She settled in Barnoldswick in 1876.

Cornish Tick Box On Census Form


Cornwall Council, Mebyon Kernow - the Party for Cornwall and now, Derek Thomas Conservative MP for St Ives (& West Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly!) are rightly calling for a Cornish tick box on the next census form! 

This will then further comply with the incorporation of the Cornish people into the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities.

Do tick the box to say YES on Derek Thomas's website and if you are able, his Facebook site and let's drive the message home!


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