Scotland seeks to strengthen links with its northern neighbours as First Minister attends Arctic Circle Assembly in Iceland

Nicola Sturgeon will take part in the Arctic Circle Assembly during a visit to the Icelandic capital Reykjavik. As well as meeting Iceland's president she will also talk with representatives of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Pressure Grows to Impose Penalties on Private Sector Over Lack of Welsh Language Services

As a sign of the continued strengthening of the Welsh language, Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg (The Welsh Language society) are taking aim at the private sector for ignoring the needs of Welsh speakers.

Proposals for the Scottish island of Ulva to be brought into community ownership

Ulva (Scottish Gaelic: Ulbha) is a 4,500-acre (seven-sq-mile) island in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland, off the west coast of Mull. The island has been populated since the Mesolithic period and has a number of Neolithic remains. There are some dolmens and standing stones on the island dating back to 1500BC. Archeologists from Edinburgh University researching remains in the island's large Livingstone Cave indicate people lived here from as far back as 5,650BC.

Newly discovered Viking parliament "Thing" site may have been identified in Scotland

An item in yesterday's Scottish newspaper, the Scotsman, reports that a site where Norse leaders gathered for parliamentary meetings may have been discovered in Caithness (Scottish Gaelic: Gallaibh) in the northeast of Scotland. Features identified as resembling such a site have resulted in archeological work being undertaken at Thing’s Va Broch near Thurso.

Welsh Government's Sustainable Management Scheme contributes £1m to restore and protect peatlands in Wales

Wales has over 70,000 hectares of peatland and most of these are blanket bogs in the uplands. Now it has been announced that important peatlands across the whole of Wales are to receive £1m in funding to help restoration and protection. The Mawndiroedd Cymru scheme is a joint venture between the Snowdonia National Park Authority, the Brecon Beacons National Park Authority, Natural Resources Wales and the National Trust, along with other strategic organisations. 

Book Launch: 'Embracing The Darkness: A Cultural History of Witchcraft' by John Callow

John Callow is of Manx descent and is a writer, screenwriter, and historian, specialising in Seventeenth Century politics and popular culture. He is the author of a number of books and has appeared in numerous television programmes. On November 4th he will be launching his new book : Embracing the Darkness - A Cultural History of Witchcraft (IB Tauris). The event will take place at the Museum of Witchcraft & Magic in the Cornish fishing port of Boscastle (Cornish: Kastel Boterel). 

Mystery of the remains of Scottish Chief of Clan Fraser "the Old Fox" moves closer to being solved

The mystery of the final resting place of Simon Fraser, 11th Lord Lovat, Chief of Clan Fraser, known as "the Old Fox" could be moving closer to being solved. He lived from about 1667 to 9 April 1747. Beheaded in London as a supporter of Bonnie Prince Charlie, his headless body is said to lie in a lead casket at Wardlaw Mausoleum at Kirkhill, near Inverness. A body, minus the head is in the casket but is it that of Simon Fraser?

Support for Catalonia needs to be stronger than ever as dark clouds of further Spanish repression loom on Catalan border

Since the beginning of Catalonia's bid for a referendum on independence, the Spanish Government has made every effort to prevent it. As the date for the referendum approached the Spanish state mounted a disgraceful degree of repression. During the period leading to the vote on 1st October 2017 the Spanish police force arrested 15 Catalan Government officials. The Spanish Civil Guard then searched a number of newspaper offices without warrants and large amounts of referendum material was seized.


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