New Year's Honours knighthood for Cornishman Professor John Curtice who predicted the 2017 election result

He stunned the nation with exit poll that accurately stated Theresa May would lose her Commons majority

Sir John Curtice, born in St Austell and educated in Truro, was regarded by some as a winner of election night when he stunned the nation by foreseeing that Theresa May would lose her Commons majority – despite the Tories wielding a significant lead over Labour in the polls at the start of the campaign.

Roy Kennaugh - Sad loss of a truly great Manxman

Roy Kennaugh passed away suddenly on Wednesday evening 27th December. The response to his passing demonstrates the high regard in which he was held. As reported by Manx Radio: "The Isle of Man has lost one of its most prominent, active and energetic members of the national and cultural community." Roy Kennaugh was a key and very popular member of several organisations, including the Celtic League, Mec Vannin, Celtic Congress, Michael Heritage Trust, Michael Commissioners, and the Michael Players RBV. 

Ireland looks at new ways to expand tourism success

Recently Tourism Ireland announced that 2017 has been the “best year ever” for overseas tourism to Ireland. The country attracted around 10.65 million visitors generating roughly €5.78 billion in revenue. Ireland has been innovative in exploiting its rich cultural history and great natural beauty over the years. 

Scottish reef identified as the biggest of its kind

Loch Carron (Scottish Gaelic: "Loch Carrann") is a sea loch in western Ross in the Scottish Highlands. It has now been discovered that it is home to an extensive bed of flame shells. Much larger than a similar feature in Loch Alsh (Loch Aillse) which been previously thought the biggest. Flame shells are a small, scallop-like species, which has numerous neon orange tentacles that emerge between the creatures' two shells. They group together on the sea bed and their nests create a living reef that supports numerous other species.

Christmas Cultural Events on the Isle of Man

If you're looking for something a little different during the festive season, there's an excellent opportunity to participate in a number of long standing Manx events which will give an insight into the unique cultural identity of the Isle of Man.

This year's Mollag Ghennal will be returning to Douglas, setting up at the Manx Legion Club on Market Hill, but promises a great line-up of singers, dancers and musicians as well as a tantalising supper from the Mollag Kitchens.

Pro-independence parties win Catalan election

Despite a suspended self-government, opposition from the media, military threats from Madrid, a candidates in exile and in prison and continued intimidation from Spain, the latest elections in Catalonia have resulted in pro-independence parties winning a majority in the Catalan parliament. The Madrid government stripped Catalonia of its autonomy and called the election after declaring an October independence referendum illegal.

"Truly the eight bravest men I've ever seen"

At this time each year, we remember eight brave Cornishmen:

Trevelyan Richards (56) – coxswain, James Stephen Madron (35) – 2nd coxswain/mechanic, Nigel Brockman (43) – asst. mechanic & fisherman ,John Blewett (43) – emergency mechanic & telephone engineer, Charles Greenhaugh – landlord of the Ship Inn, Mousehole, Barrie Torrie (33) - fisherman, Kevin Smith (23), Gary Wallis (23)

“Truly the eight bravest men I’ve ever seen.”

Islands top survey of the best places to live in Scotland

There is something special about living on an island, particularly one where the population density is kept under control. That's also the case in Scotland where a new study has shown that islanders have the best quality of life. Orkney, Shetland and the Outer Hebrides came in the top three respectively in a Bank of Scotland survey. A number of factors contributed to the result including including health, low pollution levels, employment, low crime rates, nature and wildlife, low population density and the beauty of the location.

Season News From Kernow Matters To Us!


16 Mys Kevardhu 2017

Grand Bard Speaks Out!

All sane folks must surely support the words of the Grand Bard, Dr Merv Davey reported in Cornwall's very own bespoke newspaper 'Cornish Stuff'.

Link here:

Inappropriate foreign intervention condemned in both Irish and Manx abortion law reform debate

In both Ireland and the Isle of Man there is a debate underway in regard to the legalisation of abortion. There are very strong opinions held on all sides of the disussion. However, for different reasons, concerns are being raised in regard to the type of interventions that are coming from abroad and designed to impact upon the democratic decisions being made in both countries. Interestingly, those causing the consternation come from both sides of the issue.


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