Pressure Mounts For Recognition of Cornish As Official Minority

The Celtic League report that the Kernow (Cornwall) branch of the League have sent a letter to Eric Pickles MP, The Secretary of State for Communities, calling on the British Government to include Cornish " a distinct group under the terms of the Europe Framework Convention For the Protection of National Minorities".

Growing Alarm in London Over Scotland's Vote on Independence

The English newspaper "The Telegraph", the principal mouthpiece of the British establishment, reports under the headline "Real Danger of Scottish Independence Says Cabinet Minister" on increasing apprehension in Whitehall at the prospect of an independent Scotland. 

Success For Proposal Giving Irish Equal Status With English on Road Signs Throughout Ireland

A proposal by the Gaelic League (Conradh na Gaeilge) was in the news this month when it was reported that the Mr. Leo Varadkar, the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport  announced his support for a scheme put forwad by the Gaelic League to introduce road signage that gives equal treatment to place names in Irish and English.  In actual fact the new design will give Irish precedence as the place name in Irish will continue to be placed above the place name in English but for the first time both will be in same text and in lettering of equal size.

English Quango’s Accused of “Mismanagement” of Ancient Cornish site

The Kernow Branch of the Celtic League has written an open letter calling for a formal inquiry into what they allege is the “mismanagement” of an historic site in West Cornwall by English Heritage and Natural England.

The letter has been sent to a number of organisations and politicians involved with the protection and maintenance of Penwith Moors in West Cornwall and the ancient monuments on the site

Kernow Branch of Celtic League report holding successful AGM 2013

The Kernow Branch of the Celtic League has reported holding a successful AGM at the end of October. Joint Convenor of the Branch, Mike Chappell, sets out below some of the issues that were raised at the meeting.

An Kesunyans Keltek Scoren Kernewek – the Cornwall Branch of the Celtic League – has held a very successful Annual General Meeting in Redruth.

Cornish National Party Poised For Electoral Breakthrough - Champions of the Cornish Language and Celtic Identity

The Party For Cornwall (Mebyon Kernow) is poised for an electoral breakthrough in representation on Cornwall County Council.  In an article on the Mebyon Kernow (MK) party conference held in the Cornish town of Truro, the website "This is Cornwall" quotes the noted Cornish historian Dr. Bernard Deacon. Dr Deacon is based at the Institute of Cornish Studies at the University of Exeter and is the author of several works on Cornish identity,  including "Mebyon Kernow and Cornish Nationalism". Dr. Deacon stated:

Surge In Demand For Seats At Irish Language Primary Schools (Gaelscoil)

The Irish Independent in an article on it's web page under the headline "The Number Of Children Learning Through Irish has Trebbled in Two Decades", report on a surge in demand for placement at Irish language medium schools (Gaelscoil).  This development is a pleasing sign of the steady progress being made in reclaiming for the language its rightful place.  It is those that are now children who will seize back all that was taken from Ireland, but first we must take back the tongue.

Cornish Language Partnership Announces Census of Cornish Speakers - Dydh da. Fatla genes. A wodhes kewsel Kernewek ?

Hello. How are you.  Do you speak Cornish ?

The web site "This is Cornwall" reports that a "census" of Cornish speakers will be conducted now through November 22, 2013 by "MAGA - Cornish Language Partnership". A spokesman for the organisation is quoted as follows: "With no census question (UK Government Census) and no other method of recording usage of the language, we are all groping in the dark for answers. Five years ago MAG conducted a survey which, although not comprehensive, gave us some very useful information. But five years on we feel it is time for a new survey."

Plaid Cymru seek to stop "reckless" attempt by British government to dismantle and outsource probation service

An arrogant and out of touch British government is in the process of selling off and outsourcing the bulk of the Welsh and English probation services. The Welsh people through the Welsh Assembly Government (Llywodraeth Cynulliad Cymru) have had no say in this highly controversial decision which will have profound and long lasting ramifications for Welsh justice.

Senator Calls for Investigation into Irish Language Education - Dublin Challenged to Meet its Commitment to the Irish Tongue

Alarm bells are sounding over fresh evidence of erosion of support by the Irish Government for the restoration of the Irish language.  Put together, the recent moves by Dublin policy makers, combined with eroding support by the government for Irish language instruction in public schools, lends support to claims by Irish language activists that Dublin is waging guerilla warfare against the ancient tongue of Ireland.


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