Isle of Man: "Buy Manx E-Book and Help Fund Cambodian Diabetic Clinic"

Mannin Boy

Former teacher, Lorraine Fraser King, wrote her first YA novel in 2006 when she was employed at Marown Primary School, when the old streets of Peel inspired her to put pen to paper to write Mannin Boy, but with the publication of an extended e-book version there’s an opportunity for Island readers to help people in Cambodia struggling with diabetes and related disorders.

Mannin Boy focuses on the exploits of Jamie and Finn as they grow into manhood in the mid-nineteenth century port, exploring the turbulent life of the fishing industry and the price of personal tragedy.

Lorraine’s research incorporates local words, personal names and Manx locations, but later we are compelled to follow our heroes as they tackle a much longer sea journey and face the dangers and uncertainty of the gold mines of Australia.

Upon leaving the Isle of Man and spending some time in Australia, Lorraine volunteered to join forces with Cambodian refugee Professor Lim Keuky and together they established a clinic of the Cambodian Diabetes Association at Siem Reap, situated next to the famous Angkor Wat Temple.

Isle of Man: "Year of Culture Receives Stamp of Approval from Isle of Man Post Office"

Island of Culture Stamps

As the year-long Island of Culture gets underway the Isle of Man Post Office has issued a new set of stamps by Manx artist Juan Moore to celebrate the occasion.

Juan commented, “It feels so good to have my artwork on the Island of Culture stamps. Art is always something that people have an opinion on and I hope my work will be noticed on these stamps. It is important to me that my work is not only thought-provoking, but that it is accessible to everyone. One of the aims of my work is for it to be as understood by not only those from an art background, but for someone who knows nothing about it.”

Isle of Man: "Successful Oie’ll Verree Launches Island of Culture 2014"

Oie’ll Verree 2014

It was an evening of mixed emotions at the annual Oie’ll Verree held in the village of Michael, when it was revealed that two stalwarts of the celebrated Michael Players were hanging up their aprons for the final time and taking a well earned rest from the stage.

The distinctive Manx dialect play has been a feature of the Kirk Michael concert for generations, with the Michael Players believed to be the only Island drama group to keep the tradition in the public eye.

But the retirement of Win Callister and Ann Corlett has put the future of both the Michael Players and the unique Manx dialect play in doubt, although strenuous efforts are being made to encourage the recruitment of younger actors who can pick up the baton.

With every ticket sold and an extensive waiting list of hopeful visitors, this year’s Chairman, Laurence Skelly MHK, confidently took charge of the proceedings, contributing his own humour about fellow politicians throughout the evening.

Pan Celtic Festival Coming to Derry, Ireland in 2014

An Fhéile Phan Cheilteach (the Pan Celtic Festival) will be hosted in the City of Derry (Doire) in 2014. The festival, which brings visitors from all over Ireland as well as the other Celtic nations will be visiting Derry, in the north of Ireland for the first time.

The Irish Language Revival In Northern Ireland

Multiple press reports are citing the growing strength of the Irish tongue in Northern Ireland.  In the latest example of the Gaelic resurgence in this at times troubled part of the Celtic Homelands is the opening of a new Irish Centre in East Belfast.  The headlines accompanying the articles on the newly opened centre of Gaelic instruction, which has received unusual recognition given the size of the new facility, may reveal more about the symbolic significance of the event than the details of the opening of the Irish Language venue at the Skainos Centre in East Belfast.

Supermarket Pharmacy Condemned for Discrimination Against Welsh Speakers

Welsh politicians and Meri Hughes, the Language Commissioner in Wales have condemned an incident of blatant and dangerous discrimination against the Welsh speaking community. This was after the disgraceful actions by Morrisons Supermarket pharmacy counter in Bangor, north Wales, who refused to provide medication for a one year old baby because the prescription was written in both Welsh and English.

Book Review: "The M Room: Secret Listeners who Bugged the Nazis"

The M Room

This is the remarkable story of the German émigrés who fled Hitler’s regime and became secret listeners for British Intelligence during World War II, brought vividly to life with the assistance of a former internee on the Isle of Man: Fritz Lustig.

Working from Latimer House and Wilton Park in England, Fritz Lustig and his colleagues (together with other secret listeners at Trent Park) bugged the conversations of over 10,000 prisoners of war, ranging from U-boat crews and Luftwaffe pilots to high-ranking German generals, in their fight to secure intelligence information to win the war.

These transcripts remained classified until 1999 but the tireless efforts of the book’s author, Helen Fry, now reveal how the work of Fritz Lustig and his colleagues was as important as those cracking the Enigma Code at Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire.

Remembering the Solway Harvester

The storms that have battered the coasts around Brittany, Cornwall, Wales, Ireland, Isle of Man and Scotland over recent weeks have caused considerable damage. Our thoughts go out to all those affected by the atrocious conditions. It also brings into focus the perils faced by those whose livelihood depend upon fishing off our Celtic coasts.

News From Celtic League - Illiam Dhome Commemoration 2014

This news in from the Celtic League:

Illiam Dhome Commemoration 2014

News From Celtic League

The Illiam Dhome commemoration took place last week (2nd January 2014) in Mannin/Isle of Man.

Paris With a Wary Eye on Brittany - 2 Billion Euros pledged to the "Restive Province"

The French news Site RFI reported last month that the French Government have pledged 2 Billion Euro to Brittany ostensibly as economic aid. The article describes the governments "Pact For the Future Of Brittany": "The government's Pact for the Future of Brittany promises 2 Billion Euros in aid to help workers declared redundant, restructure agricultural to make it more environmentally friendly and boost the region's economy."  The governments plan has met with mixed reaction from Brittany's trade movement groups and the Breton assembly barely approved with stiff opposition: "...right wing and centrist MPs and councillors opposed the Pact and boycotted the signing ceremony."


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