Breizh Amerika Link Up With The Interceltique Festival of Lorient

News From Breizh Amerika:

Breizh Amerika and the Interceltique Festival of Lorient

It's official! Breizh Amerika and Interceltique Festival of Lorient are partners !!!

Wednesday night in Lorient, Breizh Amerika and the Interceltique Festival of Lorient have announced their partnership. A partnership that will help to develop cultural and economic ties with the United States. 

Bruno Jaouen (FIL Vice President) and Lisardo Lombardia (IDF Director) have also announced their support for "The Breizh Amerika Collective 2016"which will tour the United States between 13 and 22 May 2016. 

The tour "BREIZH ON THE ROAD AGAIN ..." will be held in seven US cities: Detroit, St. Louis, Chicago, New Orleans, Lafayette, Scott and Arnaudville.


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