Bradda Glen - Glion Vradda

Bradda Glen (Glion Vradda) in Port Erin (Manx: Purt Çhiarn)  is situated at the north end of Port Erin on Bradda Head (Manx: Kione Vradda). The entrance is via an archway made of local Manx slate. Paths along the glen lead up to Bradda Head and Milner's Tower, which give great views of Port Erin (Purt Çhiarn), Port St Mary (Manx: Purt le Moirrey), Langness (Manx: Langlish), the Calf of Man (Manx: Yn Cholloo)  and the Sound (Manx: Yn Cheyllys).

Milner's Tower can be climbed and was erected in 1871. It rises in two stages with a turret at one angle. The headland on which is stands was the site of Bradda Head Mines.  The South Bradda lead mine dating back to at least 1710 and the North Bradda mine to 1860.

Our visit: was on a fine summers day. We walked along the winding paths up to the tower. As well as the views south towards the Calf of Man and Port St Mary, there were also excellent views of the Irish mountains to the west. Particularly as you climb higher up the hill above Milners Tower.This is a lovely walk and well worth a visit.

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