Ballure Walk - Balley Eaur

The name Ballure is thought to originate from the Manx Gaelic Ball-y-ure meaning "the place of the yew". Ballure Walk is a small glen located off the Ballure Road which leads south from Ramsey (Manx: Rhumsaa) towards Maughold . Access to the glen is from a roadside entrance close to the impressive Ballure Bridge which carries the tram across the steep ravine in which the glen is situated. The glen can also be reached from the beach south from Ramsey. Two arches give access to the glen from the beach and a path alongside the river takes you up the deep ravine.

At the top of the glen there are nicely maintained paths surrounding a pleasant picnic area. There are good views northwards toward Ramsey from the cliff top here. The small wooden glen winds down a deep ravine with many overhanging trees to the coast below. Folklore associates this glen with the Carras dhoo men. They were said to be smugglers and wreckers who lit fires and lured vessels to destruction in order to steal the goods that they carried.

Our Visit: was on a Spring day. Starting at the top of the glen we passed Ballure Bridge that carries the Manx Electric Railway over the steep sided ravine. It was built in 1899 and is 180 feet in length and is 50 feet above the river. It is a magnificent bridge and on cue a tram crossed. Walking through the picnic area we stopped at the cliff top to look left towards the Queen's Pier in Ramsey and then right over to Gob ny Rona (headland of the seals).

We then walked down the path towards the river. There was a strong smell of wild garlic which fills the glen at this time of year. Crossing a bridge we walked on  under the overhanging trees. Ahead stood the two arches that take you out from the glen and onto the beach. It is like an entrance to another world taking you from dark leaf green to blue open sea. The tide was out when we walked onto the beach. And the river spilled out from the protection of the glen and tumbled over the stony shore hurrying toward the Irish Sea.

It is a small glen and it is good to combine it with a visit to Ballure Plantation and the Ballure Reservoir to the north of Ballure Walk. It is also close to Elfin Glen and Lhergy Frissell which take you high above Ramsey and give impressive views towards Scotland across the Manx Northern Plain.

The Glen can be reached by walking along the beach from Ramsey, but check that the tide is not in. Or by bus, tram or walking from Ramsey to the top of the glen which is off the main Ramsey to Douglas coast road.

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