Revolting, Disgusting, Repugnant, Abominable, Dreadful, Awful that is ISIL

How can anyone not be outraged by the so called Islamic State of ISIL. Lets not mince words here, these people are scum! Anyone that has seen their trail of destruction and murder across Syria and Iraq can be nothing but disgusted. Our sympathy and support goes to all of the minority peoples that have suffered at the hands of this revolting organisation. Our support, wholeheartedly, goes to the brave Kurdish fighters opposing this barbaric scum. The Kurdish people have long held aspirations to control their own destiny. They have been blocked in doing so for centuries. Does it take the threat of annihilation for us to support these people? It seems so. Let us Celtic peoples who have ourselves been suppressed for many years make our support  for the Kurdish people and other minorities threatened by ISIS very clear.

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