Pan Celtic Festival Coming to Derry, Ireland in 2014

An Fhéile Phan Cheilteach (the Pan Celtic Festival) will be hosted in the City of Derry (Doire) in 2014. The festival, which brings visitors from all over Ireland as well as the other Celtic nations will be visiting Derry, in the north of Ireland for the first time.

The International Pan Celtic Festival is held in Ireland during Easter every year and celebrates the music, dance, language and culture of the six Celtic nations of Ireland, Cornwall, Isle of Man, Brittany, Wales and Scotland. It is the 43rd annual festival, which has been held annually in Ireland since 1971. Donncha Mac Niallais of the city's Cultúrlann Uí Chanáin has described the Pan Celtic Festival as a ‘...unique celebration of Celtic culture’ and felt sure that ‘ ..the people of Derry will extend a fáilte mhór to all our visitors.’

Included in the event, which takes place from 22nd – 27th April 2014, are themed nights from each of the Celtic nations. Further information obtained via

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