Cornwall Celts meet with English Heritage!

This media release issued by the Kernow Branch of the Celtic League:


Meeting with English Heritage

As widely reported in the press and media on September 2nd, 2014, a high level meeting organised by the Cornwall Branch of the Celtic League is set to occur between representatives of English Heritage and the Celtic League in Redruth on November 20th.

The gathering is to be chaired by the current Convener of the Cornwall Branch Celtic League and representatives of Gorseth Kernow, Save Penwith Moors (SPM) and the Cornwall Ancient Sites Protection Network (CASPN) will meet with English Heritages' Dr. Alex Page, Director of Historic Properties (West), Dr Jeremy Ashbee (Head Properties Curator) and Sophie White (Territory Marketing Manager)

High on the agenda are concerns raised by all the Cornish organisations concerning alleged mismanagement of historic and heritage sites in Cornwall of which construction and habitation predates the arrival of the English and creation of England by thousands of years.

An extremely well qualified group of historians and archaeologists with specialist knowledge in Cornish history and monuments has been called together by the Celtic League and the desire for Cornwall to assume control over its own historical and heritage management under a locally appointed agency rather than from hundreds of miles away is the ultimate aim.

The Convener of the Cornwall Branch Coun. Mike Chappell said, ‘We have submitted documentary evidence to the Government quango English Heritage outlining allegations and concerns of mismanagement and misinformation. We are very much looking forward to a positive meeting with representatives of English Heritage in order to discuss a way forward for a Cornwall based heritage agency. Cornwall has the ability to take care of its own pre English history and heritage and there is a strong feeling that the time draws close for this to happen. The Cornish are amongst the oldest peoples to occupy these islands and we have both the expertise and experience right here in the Duchy.’

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