English Try to Deny Cornish National Identity

Pontificating from his home in Essex, England, the leader of the English Democrat party, the self-styled English national party, Robin Tilbrook, stated that, “The census figures show that not many people are precious about declaring themselves as Cornish”! This is in reference to the recently released 2011 census in relation to how people in Cornwall define their national identity.

This statement comes as no surprise from the staggeringly unsuccessful English Democrats. They have no representation in Cornwall; however, Mebyon Kernow, the Party of Cornwall, have several elected Councillors. The census did not even give the people of Cornwall an opportunity to say they were Cornish. There was no tick box category for Cornish in either the ethnic group or in the national identity question on the 2011 census form. However, thousands still demanded to be heard and wrote their Cornish identity on the form.

Tilbrook of the English Democrats is from the same group that stood 13 candidates for the South East Wales region of the Welsh Assembly in 2007 and believe that Monmouthshire (Welsh: Sir Fynwy) should be made part of England. Needless to say they were all unsuccessful as was their candidate for Monmouth for the Welsh Assembly in 2011. Even outside of the Celtic nations of Wales and Cornwall, the ‘English Democrats’ garner little support. 

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