Cornwall: Boundary Commission response to KMTU submission regarding NO to Devonwall!

News from Kernow Matters To Us:

In addition to appearing directly before the Boundary Commission during the Truro hearings, providing transport for and taking part in the Border demonstration and so on, members of Kernow Matters To Us (KMTU) also submitted a folio of written material to the Boundary Commission quango objecting to Devonwall. 

We have received this response and note the final paragraph with interest:

"Thank you for your views on the 2018 Boundary Review.

Your comment reference number is BCE-31417.

As detailed on the consultation website, all comments received as part of this review will be published on our website. More information on the Commission's Data protection and privacy policy can be found here

The consultation on the Initial proposals closes on 5 December 2016. All comments will be published in Spring 2017 and you will then have the opportunity to see what others have said about your local area.

Based on what local people have told us we might revise our proposals in the autumn of 2017."

Gans oll an gwella / with best wishes

John, Teresa, Craig, Tony, Matt, Mike, Clive, Ronan, Samuel & Mark

Elected Members of the KMTU Steering Group


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