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Cahergal Stone Fort

This is a stone fort about eighty feet in diameter and with stone walls over twelve feet high and over fourteen feet thick in places.

Leacanabuaile Stone Fort

This is a Stone Fort located on a rocky outcrop and is surrounded by a dry stone wall. The remains of terraces and huts and other structures including a souterrain are on the site.

Parkavonear Castle

This site is in a square enclosure within a moat and is the ruins of a thirteenth century Anglo-Norman cylindrically shaped castle. The two storeys that remain are joined by a staircase within the wall and the first floor has the remains of a fireplace.

Kinard East Ogham Stone

The stone has a carving and an inscription reading Moriani.

Ballintaggart Ogham Stones

These are a group of nine stones, eight of which surround the ninth. Five of the stones have carvings and inscriptions, including one with 'NETTA LAMINACCA KOI MAQQI MUCOI DOVINIAS' the DOVINIAS possible referring to the pagan goddess of the Corcu Duibne people. Another stone has the inscription 'MAQQI IARI KOI MAQQI MUCCOI DOVVINIAS'. Another is inscribed 'TRIA MAQA MAILAGNI' and 'CURCITTA'. One stone has 'CUNUMACCQQI AVI CORBRI' inscribed.

Dunbeg Stone Fort

This is a stone fort situated on a headland with a large and restored defensive wall facing inland with lintelled entrance. The site has defensive ditches and inside terraces and a souterrain and within the fort is the remains of a circular hut.

This type of promontory fort is mostly dated to the Iron Age and mainly found in Ireland, Cornwall, Orkney Islands and Isle of Man.

Gallarus Oratory

This site dates back to the eighth and possibly sixth century and is an expertly built stone structure using the architectural technique of corbeling in the shape of an upturned boat measuring fifteen feet by ten feet with a narrow door and small window.

Kilmalkedar Early Christian Sculptured Stone

The stone has pre and sixth century Latin inscriptions and carved cross.

Dunguaire Castle

This is an early sixteenth century tower house standing at about seventy-five feet in height with a large defensive wall.


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