Welsh Language Commissioner Meri Huws Defends the Rights of Welsh Speakers

Proving true to the promises she made to the Welsh nation on assuming her post, the web site "Walesonline" reports Welsh Language Commissioner Meri Huws has issued the First Annual Report of the Language Commissioner. The report  details 488 complaints received by her office against Public Bodies and Private Companies who are alleged to have failed to comply with Welsh Language statutes.

On assuming the post of Commissioner, Dr. Huws stated: "I will be a voice for the Welsh Language, acting on behalf of Welsh speakers. That is my promise.  As I prepare to undertake this work, my vision is of Wales where the Welsh language is central to public life, where Welsh speakers have the confidence to use Welsh and trust in the law to right any injustice they may suffer for using the Welsh language." 

The role of the Welsh Language Commissioner  is defined on the Commissioner's web page as follows: "The principal aim of the Welsh Language Commissioner, an independent body established by the Welsh Language measure of 2011, is to promote and facilitate use of the Welsh language.  This will entail raising awareness of the official status of the Welsh language in Wales and by imposing standards on organisations. This in turn will lead to the establishment of rights for Welsh speakers."