Abuse and anti Cornish racism

We get to see a lot of bigotry and ignorance (example received below in our mail box today and attached) and some would be shocked at the content of some of the emails and messages we are sent.

Some we directly report to the police and other authorities via the 'True Vision' website because they are in direct contravention of our rights as Cornish people given under the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities.

Others we just laugh at.

It really does upset some when they find out that the Cornish are just that and have no need or desire to be English no more than the Scots, Welsh or Irish have. We are no better than the English, we are no worse. We just aren't!

That said, it's good to know what some racists think of us and of course, we do believe in living as good neighbours on this island even though we think we can do better by our own affairs and certainly better than the clowns in Parliament!

That said, we Cornish are not owned by anyone nor will we ever be!

The bigotry and racism shown towards us is probably displayed to others as well and we express solidarity with all those whose lives are being made miserable by ignorance at this time.

Recently one of our KMTU members was told to 'go home' because one of his grandparents are from Europe whilst another member who happens to be gay was told that 'after the foreigners had been chucked out, he would be next.'

We have strongly recommended that these incidents be reported via 'True Vision' and respect the need for confidentiality in both cases.

As the British State swings increasingly to the right, respect for diversity and equality will become increasingly difficult in the face of 'jingoism' and the desire to reduce our communities to blandness and sameness will doubtless increase.

Sadly, it was Westminster politicians who created this mess and as is usual, the people are left to pick up the pieces. That is why we treat more and more politicians with utter contempt. They are more concerned with stabbing each other in back in their ambition for power as the current political implosion at the sullied and widely despised Westminster parliament clearly indicates.

Incidentally, Cornwall's name was first recorded in a place-name, Durocornouio, "fortress of the Cornish", c.400 AD, nearly 500 years before the name England was first recorded (as Englaland)

Cornish granted minority status within the UK and incorporated into The Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities - official Westminster Government Press Release

The Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities - Articles and Explanatory Report

Here is a link to 'True Vision' where racist and hate incidents can be reported: http://www.report-it.org.uk/home

Speaking out for the people of Cornwall and the Cornish people who have been here a long time and seen all this before.

Gans oll an gwella / with best wishes

John, Teresa, Craig, Tony, Matt, Mike, Clive, Ronan & Samuel
Elected Members of the KMTU Steering Group

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