Dunseverick Castle - Dún Sobhairce

The remains of a tower and of the castle can be seen on this site, which is surrounded by the sea on three sides. Dunseverick Castle is an ancient and important Irish historical site and one of the Royal roads from Tara ended here. Tara was the seat of the Kings of Ireland in County Meath. The site was originally founded by Sobairce one of the kings and he built a fortress on this site in about 1525BC. St Patrick is also said to have visited in the fifth century AD and it was also the subject of Viking raids in the late ninth century AD. The castle was eventually captured and destroyed in the Cromwell period.

Getting there

It is located close to the village of Dunseverick (Irish: Dun Sobhairce), which is east from Dunluce along the A2 near Benbane Head.

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