Stowe's Pound

Stowe's Pound is on the top of a granite ridge north of Minions village on the south-eastern of Bodmin Moor. The hill is the site of the Cheesewring and of Cheesewring Quarry. The hill is at the edge of the moorland, which overlooks Rillaton Moor and Witheybrook Marsh, to the south and west. To the east are the upper reaches of the River Lynher. The summit of the ridge is enclosed by stone-walled enclosures. A small enclosure, encircles the tors at the southern end of the hill. A bigger subsidiary enclosure, encloses the summit ridge of the hill.

The smaller enclosures stand in places up to 5 metres in height and are about 5 and 15 metres wide. The larger enclosure varies between 5 and 10 metres in width. It has two identifiable entrances on the west and east sides. There are traces of two concentric outer ramparts, with other outworks flanking the hill slopes. Within the large enclosure are over 100 small platforms levelled into the slopes of the summit which could form the bases for wooden round houses. They are sited around the two entranceways and the southern parts of the enclosure. There are two flat topped cairns.

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