Welsh Language Commissioner To Investigate Town Council for Non-Compliance with Language Statute

A spokesman for the Welsh Language Commissioner, Meri Huws, has announced an investigation into alleged non-compliance by the Torfaen Council with Welsh law.  The online "southwalesargus" reports: "The Commissioner's office will now see whether the Council is breaching it's statutory duties under the 1993 Welsh Language Act, which forces public bodies to ensure English and Welsh can be used equally when dealing with them."

In the article it was reported that the council is being investigated over whether automated services are offered in Welsh, as well as English, as is required by statute.

The Welsh Language Act of 1993, an act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, puts Welsh and English on equal footing in the provision of government services by local authorities, gives Welsh speakers the absolute right to speak the tongue in Court and it established the Welsh Language Board to ensure compliance with legislation.