United Kingdom Prime Minister Cameron’s Inept Intervention Boosts ‘Yes’ to Scottish Independence Campaign

As the Scottish anti-independence campaign crumbles United Kingdom (or ‘Greater England’ as it is now increasingly known) Prime Minister, David Cameron, decides to intervene to disastrous effect. Deciding that pressure should be put on those ‘troublesome Scots’ , as many English have always thought of them, UK Prime Minister Cameron has called for those living outside of Scotland to tell the Scottish people to vote against independence.

What is the reason for this desperate intervention? It is the consistent swing in opinion polls in favour of voting Yes in the approaching vote for Scottish independence. The Scottish National Party, who have the democratically elected majority in the Scottish Parliament, have watched with glee as the pro-union campaign implodes. 

At the same time United Kingdom (Greater England) Prime Minister, Cameron, continues to refuse to engage in direct debate with the Scottish First Minister and Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond on the issue of Scottish independence. Cameron’s backdoor intervention at this stage has only confirmed too many of Scotland’s voters that the London establishment is becoming increasingly scared that the majority of Scottish voters will say YES to Scottish Independence in the forthcoming referendum vote.


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