United Kingdom Apologises to Manx for Map Blunder

The government of the United Kingdom has apologised to the Isle of Man (Mannin). This followed Manx protests after the Island was included on a map of the UK. The Isle of Man is not part of the United Kingdom. The map was posted on the UK government twitter page as part of its campaign to keep the Scottish electorate from voting to leave the UK in the forthcoming referendum. The tweet that accompanied the inaccurate map said “By staying united we have much more to gain”. Many might also think that to be an inaccurate statement.

A spokesman for Downing Street (the office and residence of the British Prime Minister) said “We apologise for the error and will ensure it doesn’t happen again.” Fair enough, when information is inaccurate apologising is the right thing to do. Could this be the start of a whole new approach from the UK government in regard to the Scottish referendum! Will they now be apologising to the Scottish voters? Don’t they deserve it after all the months of bullying and scare tactics from the UK designed to frighten them into voting against independence? Perhaps they will get one when Scotland votes YES to independence on September 18.


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