Three pro-Union Parties are birds of a feather - Albatross and Chicken!

Apologies to the Albatross a very beautiful species of seabird that is amongst some of the largest flying birds. Also apologies to the chicken a domesticated fowl that comes in many varieties and has proven very useful to humans  for many centuries. Therefore both in terms of beauty and usefulness these birds clearly have nothing in common with the British pro-Union political parties, Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat. Well except that is that the word albatross is used metaphorically to mean a burden or a curse. 

Prior to the referendum vote these parties were in blind panic because the yes to independence support was rising in the opinion polls. There then followed a period when they begged and promised the Scottish electorate that if they stayed within the UK a very strict timetable would be introduced giving increased powers to a Scottish Parliament. All of their combined persuasive power and continued shows of unity promising this did have some impact on the electorate. Here comes the albatross! Because now this promise hangs around their neck like an albatross. They are now duty bound to honour this pledge but really do not want to.

However, yesterday, in her formal speech announcing her candidacy for the soon to be vacated role of leader of the SNP (Scottish National Party), Deputy First Minister for Scotland Nicola Sturgeon said:

"Through Gordon Brown's speaking we were told - with the authority of each of the parties in the Better Together campaign - The promise was clear and it was unmistakable.

"This package would be 'Home Rule' and something near to federalism

"Well, let me say this to Westminster on behalf of Scotland - it had better be.

"If the UK parties move forward in that spirit, they will have, in me, a willing partner for progress.

"If not, they will pay a heavy political price - not because I say so but because the people of Scotland will make it so."

Now comes the idiom involving the chicken! Because the three UK political parties are running around like headless chickens. Caught out in their lies they are trying to cobble something together to suggest that they will deliver on their promises to the Scottish people. Watch this space!

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