Scotland: Call To End Seal Cull - Cruel Practices Alleged

News from the Celtic League:

There has been a call from animal welfare groups for the culling of seals in Scotland to be ended.

A report in the Scottish Sunday Herald says:

“ANIMAL welfare groups are demanding an end to the mass shooting of seals around Scotland's coast.

“Hundreds of the seals which have been shot so far were pregnant, feeding their young or failed to die instantly, according to a major new scientific study.

“Seal pups whose mothers were killed have been left to starve to death, the study says. Some seals were shot in the neck instead of the head or shot several times in breach of official guidelines.

“The revelations have provoked a chorus of anger from animal welfare groups who condemn the killings as a “shocking catalogue of suffering”. They are demanding an end to the slaughter, and an immediate ban on the shooting of seals that are pregnant or feeding pups…

“Over 1,500 seals have been reported shot in Scotland between February 2011 and October 2015. They are killed under licence from the Scottish Government by anglers, salmon netters and fish farmers to prevent them from eating fish stocks.

“A third of the seals shot – 506 – were in Orkney or along the north coast of the mainland. More than 300 were shot on the west coast and the Inner Hebrides, and 239 in Shetland…”

Link to full story here:…/14721996.__39_End_the_sla…/…

Image: Seal pup – it’s alleged pups whose mothers are killed have been left to starve.

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