President of Ireland charges that lack of government services in Irish language is a denial of human rights

President of Ireland, Michael Higgins, has addressed the “International Conference on Language Rights” held in Dublin May 23-25, 2013.  The conference is sponsored by the “Office of An Coimisineir” established by the Irish Government under the provisions of the “Official Languages Act of 2003” which aims to increase the use of the Irish language by government employees.  The Conference is also sponsored by Cardiff University.

The organiser’s web site states: “ The conference will provide an opportunity to learn from policy and practice in other countries and allow the position of Irish, both in the Gaeltacht (Irish Speaking Areas) and throughout the country, to be evaluated in an international context”.

According to the RTE, Higgins, who is himself an Irish speaker, stated that the failure of government agencies to provide full service in the Irish language is a denial of the human rights of Irish speakers.