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It is indeed sad to see on other Facebook sites including that of BBC Radio Cornwall, comments such as 'You are English, get over it' 'You should be grateful to the English' and so on often made in the most aggressive of tones.

The fact of the matter is that the Cornish people have now been recognised, are no better nor worse than anyone else including the English but are not English.

The official Government announcement is here:…/cornish-granted-minority-status-within…

The Framework Convention is here:

and details of a conference here:

The Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities – The Cornish National Minority

Facts and opportunities!

Friday 4th September 10am – 4.30pm


Council Chamber, St Austell One Stop Shop, 39 Penwinnick Road, St Austell, PL25 5DR

Inclusion as a national minority brings with it the need to understand how the Convention affects Cornish people and the institutions with which they interact. The 30 Convention articles affect the ability of a national minority to express itself, to participate equably in society, to be treated fairly and without prejudice, and to develop their culture in all its aspects on a level playing field within the multi-cultural setting of modern Europe and Britain. What are the particular needs of Cornish people? What aspects of Cornish life and experience are in need of attention?

Keynote speaker: John Pollard (Kampyer a'gan Ertach)


10am - 12.45pm - Chair: Julian German (Ago-Marghogyon)

1. What is the Framework Convention - Ian Saltern

2. What is Cornwall Council's approach to FCNM - Matt Barton (Cornwall Council policy development officer)

3. The Cornish national minority, an economic perspective – Sandra Rothwell (CEO Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership)


2pm - 4.30pm - Chair: Grand Bard of Cornwall Maureen Fuller (Steren Mor)

Recognition! The opportunities for Cornish people and Cornwall which stem from the Convention

John Pollard (Leader of Cornwall Council)

1. Who are the Cornish? (A mini-debate)

i. Craig Weatherhill (Delynyer Hendhyscans - Cornwall Branch Celtic League) - Origin

ii. Bert Biscoe (Vyajor gans Geryow) - The ebb and flow of cultural identity

iii. Ed ‘Kernow King’ Rowe - The social media generation

2. What inclusion means emotionally and culturally for the Cornish –

Rose Barnecut (FEAST), Jack Morrison (FEAST) and Deputy Grand Bard Merv Davey (Telynor an Weryn)

3. How can the FCNM be a platform for equality, respectful relations and creative cultural development – A plenary with Rev’d Jane Kneebone (Colum Wyn)

COST: £5 per delegate to include pasty lunch


TO BOOK: contact St Austell Town Clerk’s office on 01726 223327/223374


Cornish granted minority status within the UK - Press releases - GOV.UK

The government formally recognises the distinct identity of Cornish people.





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