Message from Mec Vannin (Manx Nationalist Party) to Alex Salmond First Minister of Scotland


Alec Salmond MSP

Office of the First Minister

St Andrews House

Regent Road



Dear First Minister,

On behalf of the Manx Nationalist Party, Mec Vannin, I write to wish you all the best for the future following your decision today to announce you were standing down from the role of First Minister.

You can be justly proud of the progress your country has made during your period at the helm of the SNP government.

I know that the referendum result, having been unsuccesful, will be a great personal disappointment. However, looked at from outside Scotland the decision of almost half those who voted to support the proposition for full independence is commendable and a testament to how far you have carried nationalism in Scotland forward over the past twenty five years.

I know that to other nationalist organisations in the Celtic countries the type of constitutional nationalism as espoused by the SNP is a positive example.

I also feel certain that the outcome of this referendum whilst the end of a chapter is not the end of the book!

Once again best wishes for the future,

Bernard Moffatt


Mec Vannin

The Manx Nationalist Party

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