Man single-handedly saves stranded whale off Irish coast

The coastal town of Newcastle (An Caisleán Nua) in the northeast of Ireland witnessed a dramatic rescue yesterday. A Minke whale had become stranded on a sandbank close to the promenade. Concerned locals watched on helplessly at the plight of the distressed animal. Then John Lowry came to the rescue. A commercial diver, he put on his dry suit and told one of the onlookers to phone the Coastguard. 

Single-handedly, careful not to get in the way of its powerful fin, he manipulated the stricken whale into position.  Eventually, with one big final kick of its powerful tail, the whale swam out to sea. John Lowry described the moment the whale freed itself as amazing. As reported by BBC Northern Ireland he said:

"It would have been nice if there had of been somebody there with me to enjoy the experience even more," he said.

"But I was on my own and I was just so glad to see such a beautiful animal get to safety.

"A lot of the people on the beach were very happy - a lot of children were very happy to see it."


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