Lights In The Sky And Secret Policemen!

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‘Something stinks about the Jones case and the smell doesn’t come from Mr Jones’s home it comes from the HQ of NW Police and RAF Valley!’

There is a bizarre case unfolding in North Wales at the moment surrounding the alleged activities of a man, John Arthur Jones, said at the start of his case last year to have become obsessed with the activities of military training aircraft over his home.

The initial trial last year also had to be abandoned and a re-trial ordered which first drew our attention to the antics of the authorities in their approach to this issue (see below).

Anglesey for many years has been the training base for RAF Hawk jets (you know the one’s - we have published stories on them over the years not least because almost 25% of the fleet have been lost in accidents). As we catalogued the accidents on a growing annual basis after one flew into the hill side of Clagh Ouyr on the Isle of Man in 1982 the MOD seemed strangely unperturbed about ‘safety’!

The main base is at RAF Valley but the training complex also uses a satellite airfield at Mona on Anglesey for night landing training. Indeed RAF Hawk jets from the same base use the Civil Airport at Ronaldsway Isle of Man for (non touch down) approach and take off training. It generates very little in income but I suppose at quiet times it does give the Isle of Man airport a degree of ‘activity’.

Anyway sticking with the allegedly ‘obsessed’ Mr Jones, who lives near Mona, he is charged with endangering aircraft by shining ‘a bright light’ at them.

However as the case has unfolded it seems to us that it is not Mr Jones who has the ‘obsession’ but the RAF/MOD and the North Wales police.

In the latest evidence it transpired no less than four undercover police officers were liaising with an unknown number of RAF personnel and observing his home. When giving evidence in court police officers, like something out of Eric Honecker’s East Germany, were granted anonymity being in one case referred to simply as ‘Operative 28’. As indicated because of this subterfuge the first trial had to be abandoned.

It also seems quite astonishing that although observations of Mr Jones allegedly dangerous behaviour went on for weeks no one moved to instantly curtail it although great emphasis was placed on the ‘danger’ that aircrew were subject to.

I think personally that it was the height of irresponsibility if the RAF and North Wales police knew a dangerous practice was underway they didn’t move to curtail it.

However the MOD/RAF has a chequered record when it comes to the safety of the Hawk trainers and their crews. Some years ago after a crash in Cumbria we pressed them on the implementation of a Military Aircraft Accident Summary (MAAS) which recommended safety modifications and they rejected them on the grounds of cost!

Something stinks about the Jones case and the smell doesn’t come from Mr Jones’s home it comes from the HQ of NW Police and RAF Valley!

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Image: Anglesey man John Arthur Jones allegedly obsessed but as the case unfolds it seems he was the target of an establishment obsession!

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