Language Activists Challenge Cardiff To Protect Welsh Language From Property Developers

Welsh language activists continue to recognize Property Development as a lethal threat to the future health of the Welsh tongue.  The “Tivy-Side Advertiser”, a weekly Welsh language newspaper, is reporting under the headline “Hunger Strike For Welsh Language” that language activist Iolo Selyf, a member of the Welsh Language Society (Cymdeithas Yr Iaith) has joined a 24 hour hunger strike to protest the fact that the recently unveiled Welsh Government draft planning law “does not contain a single reference to the Welsh language”.

Language activists are calling for planning legislation that recognises the preservation of Welsh speaking communities as a critical factor in the approval process for property development schemes.  Currently the nationally-set housing targets are used without a primary consideration given to the impact of developments on the Welsh language.  It is urged that legal power be granted to local councils to reject planning applications if development has a negative impact on the language.

Cen Llwyd, who serves as the Sustainable Communities Spokesman for Cymdeithas Yr Iaith, was quoted as follows: “The Welsh Government has the chance to show they’re serious about ensuring a future for Welsh speaking communities and people’s ability to live in Welsh. It’s essential the Welsh language is made a statutory consideration in planning, so the language thrives over the years to come”.


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