Isle of Man News - The Celtic League Report Manx Nationalist Unrest

The latest expression of Nationalist unrest on the Isle of Man (Ellen Vannin) is reported by the Celtic League News Service. Nationalist graffiti was sprayed on the residence of the Lieutenant Governor. The Celtic League's report includes the following: "The Governor is the last vestige of English Colonialism and despite calls over the years for a range of solutions to the 'Governor Problem', the anachronistic role continues."

The Governor is the personal representative of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. The current position is largely ceremonial, but according to the Manx Government web site, the Governor continues to enjoy "..some important constitutional duties." The reigning Monarch under the provisions of the 1765 purchase of the Isle of Man by the British Crown is officially recognised as "The Queen, Lord of Man".

Manx First Minister Alan Bell is reported by IOM Today as having recently stated; "Isle of Man's relationship with UK government as good as it has ever been." This statement is viewed askance in some quarters in light of recent news reports of tensions between Douglas and London over taxation issues.