Imprisonment of two prominent Catalan independence leaders provokes outrage in Catalonia

Two prominent Catalan independence leaders, Jordi Sanchez of the Catalan National Assembly, and Jordi Cuixart of Omnium Cultural, were imprisoned on Monday night (16 October). They have been sent to prison by Spain's National Court while they are investigated for alleged crimes of sedition. Omnium immediately condemned the ruling as "intolerable in a democratic society". On Twitter they said: "The mobilisation continues, they won't be able to imprison an entire people!". The imprisonment of two of the best-known Catalan independence leaders has provoked outrage in Catalonia. Once again Spain's intimidating and anti-democratic actions can only fuel the rising tension in Spain’s prolonged political crisis in Catalonia. Demonstrations have been taking place across the country to show support for Catalan political prisoners.

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