Illiam Dhône Commemoration 2017 - Mannin (Isle of Man)

This year's Illiam Dhône commemoration starts at 2pm on 2nd January 2017. It is held annually at Hango Hill which is close to the location at which Manx National hero Illiam Dhône was shot on 2nd January 1663 for his part in the Manx Rising of 1651. In heading the Manx Rising Illiam Dhône was clearly motivated to act in the best interests of the Manx people and his Celtic homeland. 

lliam Dhône (14 April 1608 - 02 January 1663) is honoured because he remained true to, and in large measure, attained his goals on behalf of the native Manx. His actions preserved the traditional government and customs of Mannin (Isle of Man), and spared the island from the ravages of war and foreign invasion by the English. In addition, he was prepared to take the consequences of his actions and to die bravely for his beliefs. He is a hero to the Manx just as such figures as Owain Glyndwr is for the Welsh; William Wallace for the Scots; and Wolfe Tone for the Irish.

Mec Vannin - The Manx Nationalist Party and the Mannin Branch of the Celtic League jointly organize the annual Illiam Dhône Commemoration. On this occasion the speakers will include Chris Thomas Member of the House of Keys (MHK). The House of Keys (Manx: Yn Kiare as Feed) is the directly elected lower branch of Tynwald, the parliament of the Isle of Man. He will deliver his speech in English. Mark Kermode from Mec Vannin will give an oration in Manx. This will be followed by a brief wreath-laying ceremony and a remembrance of some of those who have played an important role in Manx culture and language.

The ceremony will close with renditions of the Manx National Anthem in both Manx and English. Some of those attending the ceremony will go on to Malew Parish Church (the site of Illiam Dhone's burial) for an annual service and The Glue Pot (aka the Castle Arms) pub in Castletown where a number of Manx traditional musicians will be playing.

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