General Election and the long grass for 'Devonwall'?


18 April 2017

In a clever move, Mrs May has called a General Election. Although following Cornwall's own elections on 4th May, 2017, the electorate in the Duchy are likely to be 'electioned out', in one swoop, Mrs May will look to increase her majority in the Westminster Parliament and in so doing, give her greater ability and mandate to deal with those 'rebellious Scots' and to effect whatever deal she chooses over Brexit taking advantage of the lack of any determined opposition.

However, there may be a little silver lining to the large blue cloud!

Will Devonwall now be a dead duck in those ever murky Westminster waters?

 Will the gerrymandering of the historic Cornish border be kicked into the long grass?

Possibly so.........

By the way, did the Westminster Government ever respond to the scathing attack of the Council of Europe's FCPNM report on the appalling treatment of the Cornish National Minority? No, it's probably to be found in the same Westminster long grass!

Look out for Professor John Curtice in the General Election campaign by the way! His Cornish accent occasionally comes through and yes, he is most definitely 'one of us'!

We happen to have a little CV on him from our files which is attached together with his photograph,

Kernow bys vyken!

Issued on behalf of Kernow Matters To Us.

John, Teresa, Craig, Tony, Matt, Mike, Clive, Ronan, Samuel & Mark

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