Focus on what's good for Wales and vote Plaid Cymru

Plaid Cymru - Party of Wales leader Leanne Wood Wales has called on Welsh electors to vote in Wales's national interest in the UK General Election being held on June 8. She said that we must move beyond the European Union referendum and look to the future. Writing in the Sunday Times the Plaid Cymru leader warned, "It's time to move on from the 2016 referendum and focus on what a good deal for Wales could look like," she said without a "vote in Wales's national interest on June 8" in the general election, Wales would be "defenceless from Tory attempts to sell off the Welsh NHS and allow cheap imports to undermine our steel and agriculture sector as it pursues dangerous foreign trade deals". Leanne Wood stated that Labour and the Conservatives did not represent Wales' interests and only a Plaid vote could secure a successful EU exit for Wales.

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