Disaffected Opponents Of Independence Flock To SNP Post Brexit

News from the Celtic League:

This morning Nicola Sturgeon was laying out her response to the Brexit result and indicating that Scotland will very likely seek to hold a further independence referendum albeit the pace will be measured(link);


However it is clear that as well as SNP and other independence supporters others were being motivated by the LEAVE decision.

One of the main planks of the opposition to the last referendum was the very clear indication given to voters that a vote for Scottish independence was a vote to leave the EU.

Many people therefore voted NO to independence only to have just a year later the pledge they had been given turn to dust. It was clear by early this morning that a slew of disaffected former Unionists in Scotland were joining the SNP (see the graphic below from just one social media site). It seems that the SNP is set for yet another surge in membership every bit as dramatic as the last.

Sturgeon statement in full:


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