Despite objections, Westminster Government refuses to stop English Heritage quango/charity publicly funded £4 million 'bridge' at Tintagel Castle

Despite objections, Westminster Government refuses to stop English Heritage quango/charity publicly funded £4 million 'bridge' at Tintagel Castle

Conservative Cornwall Councillor Barry Jordan backs the plan stating: "When I was standing in the main hall I was feeling like I was where King Arthur was standing. I think everybody should be able to have that feeling."

The fact that King Arthur at Tintagel is a myth and Cornwall's real history and Kings have been trashed by English Heritage (EH) quango/charity is overlooked and tourists and visitors to the site will be misled and lied to by EH.

Cornish cultural organisation Gorsedh Kernow, campaign group Kernow Matters To Us (KMTU), over 200 historians and academics, The Heritage Journal, The Cornwall Association of Local Historians, The Cornwall Geoconservation Group, Natural England and the Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) Unit objected to it on the grounds of visual and environmental impact.

Cornwall's AONB Unit decided to refer the decision to the secretary of state for communities and local government (DCLG), Sajid Javid, MP, who is well known for his dislike of the Cornish after arrogantly telling them to subsume into a meaningless and amorphous South West Region.

A planning decision agreed by a local planning authority can be challenged in High Court within six weeks of the decision.

Meanwhile, Cllr Jordan said: "Why do people visit north Cornwall? It’s because of its history, myths and legends, and they’re being looked after by English Heritage".

"It’s not going to be built just for fun, it’s going to have a purpose."

Meanwhile, many including patriotic Cornish Councillors and campaigners have branded English Heritage "commercial exploiters" who want to "create massive cashflow".

Tintagel is one of English Heritage’s top five attractions, drawing about 200,000 visitors a year and up to 3,000 a day in the peak summer season.

In addition to carvings of Merlin's face, a statue of King Arthur, a sword in a stone game, a 'romantic' Arthurian love affair trail and an Arthurian compass, it now appears as though EH's disneyfication of Tintagel will be made complete.

The owner of the site, Charles, Duke of Cornwall, has failed to answer any of the dozens of letters of protest sent to him and is probably fully occupied with his tax haven investments and milking the people of Cornwall.

Cllr Barry Jordan's email address is:

Sajid Javid's email address is:

We recommend all those who are members of English Heritage to join the many others in cancelling their memberships.

Pictured below: Cllr Barry Jordan (Conservative), Conservative MP and Minister Sajid Javid and the latest proposed addition to theme park Tintagel.



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