Cornish Language Fellowship Success - Funding Obtained For Cornish Language Children's Books

The website "This Is Cornwall" reports that the Cornish Language Fellowship (Kowethas) have obtained funding for Cornish language children's books utilising innovative fund raising techniques on the internet: "Kowethas is a charity, that works to promote the use of Cornish in everyday life. It has translated three different books...The charity said there is a need for greater resources to help young children engage with the language."  Spokesman for Kowethas, Liz Crossland, is quoted as follows: "The books can be used in primary school already teaching Cornish and if children have books at their level to read, it will really help them.  With the public's help and generosity, we will see (the books)...on the shelves and helping the younger generation to learn Cornish."

There are several theories recognised by academics who specialise in the study of language revitalisation, which is the process to restore a language to a previous level of use.  This is achieved  using what is commonly referred to as the "stages for reviving threatened or "sleeping" languages" (Fishman).  In each of these models the role of education and the use of the language in the instruction of the next generation plays a crucial part in the restoration of the tongue.  The actions by Kowethas in sucessfully funding  learning materials targeting the next generation of Cornish speakers is a crucial element in the revitalisation of the Cornish tongue.

As an example, the noted author and linguist, David Crystal, who after a long and distinguished academic career is currently Honorary Professor of Linguistics at the University of Wales-Bangor, has laid out factors paraphrased below which help a language to regain it's strength. 

1. Increase the prestiege (of Cornish Speakers) within the dominant community. 

2. Increase their wealth (Cornish Speakers)

3. Increase their  legitimate power (Cornish speakers)  in the eyes of the dominant community.

4. Have a strong presence in the education system (of the Cornish tongue).

5. Encourage proficiency in writing down the language.

6. Utilise the langauge in eletronic technology ans social media..


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