The Celtic Tongue Shows Its Strength - The Welsh Language Fights Back

Wales Online reports: "A row has broken out over plans that could see more compulsory teaching of the Welsh language in English medium schools across Wales."  This follows on recent news reports that a broad coalition, including Rugby Coach Robin McBryde and MP Susan Elan Jones, have called in a letter to the Welsh First Minister, Carwyn Jones, to universally introduce the teaching of subject matter in Welsh schools in the Welsh language so as to strengthen proficiency: "abolish the teaching of Welsh as a 'second language' like French or Spanish."

The enemies of the return of the Welsh language to its rightful place after millenia of persecution are drawing their knives.  An example of the animosity to the efforts to return the tongue to its rightful place is typified by the following statement by Caerphilly County Borough Labour Councillor Nigel Dix, who is associated with the group "True Wales" which opposes stronger self government for Wales. In referring to the Coalition's efforts to introduce broader Welsh medium education, Dix stated: "I think there is an inherent view in the Welsh Establishment that everyone in Wales should have Welsh as their first language, and this is part of that.  It's an attempt at social engineering which I don't think has any chance of success." Dix was quoted in a 2011 BBC report making the following statement in reference to the Welsh Assembly: "It appears that our Assembly Members distrust all things English..."  

The Wales Online report goes on to quote an eloquent  retort proffered by Ffred Ffransis, Education Spokesman for Cymdeithas yr laith Gymraeg (The Welsh Language Society): "We believe the Welsh language is a unique inheritance for every child in the country, regardless of their background . But at the moment, the system is grossly unfair as only a minority of young people get Welsh medium education. Every pupil should be fluent and able to use the language in day-to-day life. The system should not deny young people that right. It has proved many times that self-styled anti-Welsh spokespeople never truly represent the views of the majority who want their children to use Welsh properly rather than go through the motions as at present."

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