Carmichael’s threat to Scottish electorate - Vote No and Westminster will tighten grip and you’ll never get another chance

In a remarkable piece of candour (or is it arrogance), the Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael has had the anti-independence campaigners running for cover. As reported in the Herald newspaper he has stated that if the Scottish people vote No to independence in the referendum the independence question will never be put again and “Scotland’s future would be settled once and for all”. He also made it clear that should this be the outcome Westminster (United Kingdom) would tighten its grip on Scotland!

So there we have it, the truth is out and the stakes for Scotland are very high. You can forget all these vague promises from United Kingdom politicians to the Scottish electorate that if they will only vote no to independence that additional powers would be given to Scotland. It seems the very opposite is true and as pointed out by Scotland’s Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. "Alistair Carmichael has let the cat out of the bag about Westminster's attitude if there was a No vote - and undermines No campaign claims about more powers for Scotland. Rather than enhanced devolution, there would be a reassertion of Westminster's authority. 

"It is not possible to have both, and thanks to Mr Carmichael the UK Government's attitude has now been laid bare.”

There can be no doubt now about the United Kingdom’s intentions towards Scotland and Alistair Carmichael’s comments confirm everyone’s worst suspicions. He presents a further very strong reason, if any more was needed, why a Yes vote in the referendum on independence is in Scotland’s interests.




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