British Defence SEC Reluctant to Comment on Army Drug Problem

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British Defence SEC Reluctant to Comment on Army Drug Problem


The Ministry of Defence is showing a marked reluctance to respond to a query we forwarded to Defence Minister, Michael Fallon, in May 2015 asking about an alarming increase in drug abuse in the British armed forces (see link):

As can be seen from the correspondence we cited a number of credible sources to back up our concerns and pointed out that this was an issue the Celtic League first raised over twenty years ago.

Far from achieving any success the MOD seem to currently face an even greater problem than existed several years ago.

In the last year for which we have figures the MOD dismissed over 700 personnel with drug related problems. As Forces charities have pointed out often these individuals are simply dumped back into their communities without proper support.

With prevalence in the Army in particular to target deprived areas for recruitment this can exacerbate social problems within those areas.

The Celtic League intends to contact the MOD correspondence unit later this week to try and elicit a response from the reluctant Mr Fallon!

J B Moffatt (Mr)

Director of Information
Celtic League



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