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Between the 14th and 23rd of July 2016, twelve young Breton speakers aged from 13 to 16 years old, visited Cornwall and stayed with a group of twelve Cornish young people at Tehidy Park.

During this summer camp, they took part in many activities and visits, and shared their common heritage and roots. They spoke Brezhoneg, Kernewek, English, and also a bit of French. The Bretons are very motivated to welcome the Cornish for the return trip in Finistere in 2017.

This visit was being held as part of the KELT project, the aim of which was to organise a youth exchange to promote the Breton and Cornish languages.

The project was funded under the ERASMUS+ programme and led by UBAPAR and Kowethas and Yeth Kernewek.

It was developed in the frame of the Finistere-Cornwall cooperation, a cooperation partnership between Finistere and Cornwall councils which has run since 1989 and strengthened in 2007.

Facilitating and supporting projects in the field of regional languages are one of its priorities for 2016-2017.

Ynter an 14ves ha’n 23ens a vis-Gortheren 2016, dewdhek Bretonegor yowynk, 13 dhe 16 aga oos, a vysytyas Kernow ha triga gans bagas a dhewdhek Kernow yowynk yn Park Tehidy.

Dres termyn an kamp hav ma, i a synsas rann yn lies aktivita ha vysyt, ha hwithra an ertach ha gwreydh a gevrennons. I a gewsis Bretonek, Kernewek, Sownsek, hag ynwedh tamm Frynkek. Pur gentrynnys yw an Vretonyon dhe dhynerghi an Gernowyon pan vydh godrik kesparthek yn Penn an Bys (Penn-ar-Bed) yn 2017.

Synsys veu an vysyt ma avel rann a’n ragdres KELT, ha’y amkan o dhe restra keschanj yowynkneth rag avonsya an yethow bretonek ha kernewek. Arghesys veu an ragdres avel rann a’n dowlen ERASMUS+ ha ledys veu gans UBAPAR ha Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek. Displegys veu yn-dann framweyth kesoberyans Penn an Bys ha Kernow, keskowethyans kesoberek yntra konsels Penn an Bys ha Kernow re beu ow resek a-dhia 1989 ha krevhes veu yn 2007.

Esya ha skoodhya ragdresow, yethow ranndiryel aga thema, yw y ragwiryow rag 2016-2017.

Rag kedhlow pella / For further information:


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