Boundary Commission Fails Cornwall Again


28 IX 2017

At their last consultation, the unelected and distant Boundary Commission were told repeatedly that reducing the number of councillors would ONLY benefit metropolitan parties. Yet they are steaming ahead with it anyway. And now they are wanting yet another consultation. So let's give them one. Tell the Boundary Commission YOU DID NOT LISTEN TO THE LAST CONSULTATION.

You can send an e-mail to, or write in to the following address:

The Review Officer (Cornwall)
Local Government Boundary Commission for England
14th Floor Millbank Tower

Or you can follow the link on this news story to make a submission direct to their website. 

This was submitted by email by one of our members:

"One day you will listen; your "boundary review" is a transparent attack on Cornwall having ordinary people with the capacity to represent us. Your proposals make it harder for ordinary people to represent our communities and will restrict Councillors only to those who belong to metropolitan parties with the resources to conduct large scale elections. You have been told, and told, and told; by individuals, by groups, by parishes and communities, but you have ignored us all, and now you have the gall to not only ignore us, but expect us to further participate in your charade?

End this charade and instead have a meaningful consultation where you actually listen, for a change, to the views of people instead of your bureaucratic paymasters. "

Read all about this and see what well respected Councillors from all parties including independents (but not Conservatives) have to say in our very own Cornish newspaper here:

This is the Boundary Commission website:


Kernow bys vyken!

Gans oll an gwella / with best wishes

John, Teresa, Craig, Tony, Matt, Mike, Clive, Ronan & Mark

Elected Members of the KMTU Steering Group


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