A big thank you to Cornwall's Town & Parish Councils!

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During October, 2016, 'Kernow Matters To Us' (KMTU) wrote to all 213 Town and Parish Councils in Cornwall asking them to join with us in the stand against the unlawful imposition of a cross border Westminster parliamentary constituency on Cornwall, a silly proposal made by the unelected quango, the Boundary Commission and now widely referred to as 'Devonwall'.

The response has been phenomenal with the latest returns from Breage Parish and Hayle (photographed below) Town Councils showing mass rejection of the top down mindless monstrosity that is 'Devonwall'. 

Dozens of our elected Towns and Parish Councils have now responded in similar fashion.

At KMTU, we really respect the Town and Parish Councils around the Duchy. Made up of locally elected folks who receive little if nothing for their increasing role and work in our communities, these Councillors are far more in touch with local feelings and opinions than the Westminster Government, its countless quangos and representatives could ever be.

This is true local democracy in action and coupled with the fact that more and more of them are working through the process known as 'Local Plans', we so hope that we are seeing power returned to our communities resulting in magnificent achievements such as that witnessed in St Ives where an entire community has rejected the scourge that are holiday homes.

We have asked those Councils who have been back in touch with us to ensure that their views and the results of the local votes are clearly communicated to the far away Boundary Commission.

Another of Westminster's quangos, English Heritage (or whatever they are calling themselves these days!) currently manages many of Cornwall's castles and other historic sites on behalf of the Duke of Cornwall. That contract is up in 2019 and we shall be fighting for the return of Cornwall's heritage to a Cornwall based organisation such as the existing Cornwall Heritage Trust which already manages some sites. 

Cornwall neither needs or welcomes faraway governance by unelected, unaccountable and faceless civil servants in quangos so loved by Westminster. There is only one place for them and that is the other side of our River Tamar border with England. Cornwall does welcome real democracy with major decisions being made at levels closest to our communities.

Kernow kensa ha dhe hes! Kernow bys vyken!

John, Teresa, Craig, Tony, Matt, Mike, Clive, Ronan , Samuel & Mark

Elected Members of the KMTU Steering Group

Our bio: Our Steering Group members are a mirror of our wider membership. Of all ages, skin colours, ethnic backgrounds, countries of residence, occupations, vocations and professions, religious beliefs, political persuasions, sexual orientations and gender identification, we are drawn together by a common cause. We believe that Cornwall matters.

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