Slane Castle

Slane Castle

There has been a castle here for centuries. The present structure of Slane Castle dates from the 1780s, when the castle was rebuilt.

The nearby Hill of Slane is where St. Patrick is said to have defied the High King of Tara by lighting a fire. The king had banned the lighting of fire in preparation for the pagan festival of light. The High King considered killing St Patrick for this but instead decided to summon him to Tara to explain his defiance.

Prior to the Williamite War, the castle had been owned by the Fleming family. The Flemings had aligned themselves with the Catholic Jacobites against the Protestant forces of William of Orange. Following the Jacobites' defeat, the property was confiscated by the victors.

Since the 1980s it has been a popular venue for pop concerts. 

Getting there

Slane Castle is located in the village of Slane in County Meath and is to the west of Drogheda along the N51. 

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