Brittany - Breizh

Brittany received its modern name when it was settled in approximately 500 AD by Britons. Breton history is one of struggle for independence. Initially from the Franks 5th-9th century, the Counts of Anjou and the Dukes of Normandy in 10th-12th century, and finally from England and France.

The Breton people maintain a fierce sense of independence, as displayed by their local customs and traditions. In common with other Celtic Nations in the past several years a resurgence of this identity has happened. Breton art, music and culture are an integral part of this.

The people of Brittany speak French with many speaking the Breton language. While France initially tried to discourage the use of Breton, through the efforts of the Bretons and their DIWAN (Breton language schools) children are being taught in their native language while they learn a standard curriculum. The DIWAN schools are supported by various groups, including the International Committee for the Defence of the Breton Language. The language one of the Celtic languages more closely linked to Welsh and Cornish rather than Irish, Manx and Scottish Gaelic.

Introduction to Breton history