Nain - Protector of the ancient Celtic monuments of Brittany

Dolmen in Brittany

An entity steeped within the ancient Celtic folklore of Brittany that bears the name Nain. They haunt the ancient dolmens erected by the ancestors of our Celtic peoples that live in the land of Brittany. They are described as having hooved feet, clawed hands and wings sprouting from their shoulders. Their faces are demon like with horns upon their head and their eyes are a glowing red. Dancing around the ancient stones and monoliths of Brittany they chant out the days of the week ‘dilun, dimerzh, dimerc'her, diyaou, digwener',  but not the days of ‘disadorn and disul’  for these two days are held as sacred to the fairies. The night of ‘dimerc'her’ is their special night though, particularly the first one of the month of May.

It was the Nain who inscribed the ancient monuments of Gavr'inis where it is said they wrote of the secret location of their treasure. For the Nain minted gold; but the coins would turn to the dead leafs of trees if humans tried to use it. Not that humans would willingly have any contact with the Nain. Legend tells us that should humans come into the domain of the Nain; the stone circles, cairns and ancient monuments of Brittany, in particular when they are holding their sacred ceremonies, ill fortune will follow. Should a human attempt to join in with dances and ceremonies of the Nain then there is nothing surer than that death will follow.

So visit the magnificent ancient stones and monuments of Brittany. They were built by the ancestors of the Celts who live in this land; they are a wonder to behold. Filled with mystery they are created to honour our dead, nature and gods. Aligned with the stars, landscape, winter and summer solstices and built by means that even now scientists fail to understand. Enjoy the spectacular carvings that adorn these monuments, but beware. Especially on the night of dimerc'her, the one held as special to Nain, for they will always seek to fulfil their destiny to protect and venerate the ancient stones of Brittany and human intrusion is not welcome and could result in tragedy.

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