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Keep the Sunrise cancer treatment centre staff in Cornwall

Keep the Sunrise cancer treatment centre staff in Cornwall

With one voice, a firm NO to this theft of what is rightfully ours!

Cornish people raised huge sums of money to create this wonderful facility for the people of Cornwall. Many gave freely of their time and money.

Now the fight is on to keep its staff in Cornwall and to prevent it being taken away from us by NHS 'England'!

KMTU is joining the campaign launched by Laurence Reed and BBC Radio Cornwall!

A song for Cornwall - Cornwall Council given Private Eye magazine award - the Petition - National Trust commits criminal damage...again!

Kan rag Kernow - A Song for Cornwall

Friday 19th January, 2018 at 8 PM - 11 PM

Lowenac Hotel, Basset Road, Camborne, Cornwall  TR14 8SL

Kernow Pan Celtic aims to promote Cornish language and culture, principally through participation in the Pan Celtic festival held annually in Ireland.

This event is to choose a song to enter into the Pan Celtic Song Competition at that Festival. All songs are performed in Cornish.

Hard Hitting and Truthful Letter Sent to Sarah Newton MP Concerning NHS in Kernow

Anger continues to grow in our beloved homeland at so many things and more and more patriots are speaking out despite legal threats.

We have been copied in on an open and hard hitting but truthful letter sent by our very close friends to Sarah Newton MP regarding OUR NHS:


"Cornishness is for life, not just for St Piran's Day and 80 minutes at Twickenham!"

Dear Mrs Newton

The following headline has attracted our attention:

No - the Cornish language is NOT dead!

"The Cornish Language is Dead" is something anti-Cornish bigots often say. Instead there is a growing group of speakers, so why does this lie get repeated? In part it is due to what we call "Twistory" or the way the English Authorities twist our history to erase our unique language and culture. 

Three times the English Authorities have raided and burned our archives, destroying our Cornish voice, and yet we are still here. They tried to wipe out the Cornish language, and yet it survives. One myth that has caused confusion is that of Dolly Pentreath. 

New Year's Honours knighthood for Cornishman Professor John Curtice who predicted the 2017 election result

He stunned the nation with exit poll that accurately stated Theresa May would lose her Commons majority

Sir John Curtice, born in St Austell and educated in Truro, was regarded by some as a winner of election night when he stunned the nation by foreseeing that Theresa May would lose her Commons majority – despite the Tories wielding a significant lead over Labour in the polls at the start of the campaign.

"Truly the eight bravest men I've ever seen"

At this time each year, we remember eight brave Cornishmen:

Trevelyan Richards (56) – coxswain, James Stephen Madron (35) – 2nd coxswain/mechanic, Nigel Brockman (43) – asst. mechanic & fisherman ,John Blewett (43) – emergency mechanic & telephone engineer, Charles Greenhaugh – landlord of the Ship Inn, Mousehole, Barrie Torrie (33) - fisherman, Kevin Smith (23), Gary Wallis (23)

“Truly the eight bravest men I’ve ever seen.”

Season News From Kernow Matters To Us!


16 Mys Kevardhu 2017

Grand Bard Speaks Out!

All sane folks must surely support the words of the Grand Bard, Dr Merv Davey reported in Cornwall's very own bespoke newspaper 'Cornish Stuff'.

Link here:

Thank Cornwall for Christmas!

The Cornish kept Christmas when the rest of Britain had given up on it.

Christmas (Nadelik) was celebrated in Cornwall when it had become unfashionable to do so across the rest of Britain.

In fact many of the customs we now think of as Christmas traditions were collected in places like Cornwall in the early 19th Century.

Numerous distinctive traditions and practices are associated with this time of year in Cornwall including:

• The Cornish Christmas Bunch

• Cornish church towers being illuminated on Christmas Eve

Le Kov - new Cornish language album

Celebrated synth pop artist, Gwenno, will be performing her new album at The Poly, Falmouth on Saturday December 2nd, 2017.

Gwenno's new album, Le Kov, is sung entirely in Cornish.

The supporting act is 'Hanterhir' the Cornish language folk - rock band.

RIP Bobi Jones: Scholar of Welsh who taught Prince Charles

Robert Maynard Jones (20 May 1929 – 22 November 2017), generally known as Bobi Jones, was a Welsh Christian academic and one of the most prolific writers in the history of the Welsh language. 

A versatile master of poetry, fictional prose and criticism, he was born in Cardiff in 1929, educated at the University of Wales, Cardiff (now Cardiff University) and University College Dublin. Jones held the chair in Welsh language at Aberystwyth from 1980 until his retirement.


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