Broadcaster gets 'kick in the pants' for mis-reporting

News from the Celtic League:

It’s not only me that has a problem with the BBC; in Scotland nationalists have taken their anger to a new but constructive level. Billboards and Van boards attacking BBC bias in news reporting have appeared.

As well as a slogan the boards carry a link so that folk can assess themselves the slant the BBC put on news and current affairs.

Speaking in the Scottish newspaper ‘The Courier’ a representative of the group driving the campaign ‘Inform Scotland’ said;

Easter Rising: An Unlikely Sniper!

News from the Celtic League:

Although the centenary commemorations of the Easter Rising in Dublin are now over the role of the Scots involved in the struggle to end British rule in Ireland at the time is to be highlighted in a new book (link):…/15025055.Book_pays_tribute_t…/

The book is scheduled to be published in time for Easter this year.

Scotland: Nuclear Waste Flight Concerns

News from the Celtic League:

The issue of the transport of nuclear waste by air from Dounreay in Scotland to the United States is to be highlighted at the Scottish parliament this week it is an issue the Celtic League highlighted last year (link):…/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-386365…

Mannin - Sophia Morrison Centenary - 'Went The Day Well'

News from Mannin Branch of the Celtic League:

The Centenary celebration for Sophia Morrison today got of to a very good start with a wreath laying at Peel Cemetery at the grave of the great Manx figure. Even the weather smiled on the day with the midday rain abating just ahead of the event.

I spoke briefly about the need for us to not simply record our appreciation of Ms Morrison’s work but also the work of those she subsequently inspired and continues to inspire.

State Services Provided in Welsh Fall Short - Welsh Language Commissioner Condemns: "Unfortunate and Unacceptable"

News From the Welsh Langauge Commissioner Meri Huws:

Today, the Welsh Language Commissioner published a report which provides a snapshot of people’s experiences when using the Welsh language with public organisations.

Cornwall: National Trust actions cause much anger at Levant!

News from Kerown Matters To Us:

This is what the National Trust, aided and abetted by the planners who dutifully gave the consents, consider appropriate to uglify and vandalise an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Area of Great Historic Value, Heritage Coast, World Heritage Site and Site of Special Scientific Importance (yes, Levant is all of those).

It seems that the National Trust has now joined with "English" Heritage in its attitude towards care for Cornwall's heritage.

Isle of Man: Service of Remembrance Marks Anniversary of Ellan Vannin Tragedy

The sinking of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company's vessel Ellan Vannin in 1909 proved to be the worst day in the company's history, but despite time's intervention this tragic event remains deeply etched in the memory of many Manx people.

Isle of Man: Remembering Sophia Morrison

With the approaching centenary of the death of Manx pioneer Sophia Morrison, it's a good time to evaluate her achievements and review her remarkable legacy.

Born in Peel during 1859, Sophia had many siblings and was the daughter of well-respected, local grocer, merchant and fishing fleet owner Charles Morrison and his wife Louisa née Crellin. Sophia was gifted in music and language by her teenage years she was well read in European literature, possessed a working knowledge of Italian, Spanish, Irish, Scots Gaelic and was fluent in French.

Neighbourhood Policing - Scottish Style

News from the Celtic League:

News in this report that the Ministry of Defence Police are to undertake a higher profile in policing the Rosneath Peninsula on the Clyde in the Scottish Sunday Herald (link):…/15009201.Armed_MoD_police…/…

Ireland: Apollo House - Conradh Ceilteach

News from Irish Branch of the Celtic League:

Members of Misneach Wicklow and Misneach Dublin have assisted in the ongoing occupation of Apollo House ( a NAMA vacant office block)  which has been underway by housing activists for over a fortnight now.

There are up to 40 residents housed in the building, who would otherwise be sleeping rough on the streets.


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