Welsh Language Promotion Linked to Economic Growth

The Task and Finish Group on Welsh Language and Economic Development, established by the Welsh Economy, Science & Transport Ministry, have been assigned the objective of exploring the relationship between Welsh language usage and economic development. The group has invited interested parties in the business community to submit recommendations for developing strategies for jointly promoting the Welsh language in tandem with economic growth.  

The Task Force Chair, Elin Rhys, was quoted on the Governments web page: "We are looking for examples of best practices and want to hear from businesses that operate bilingually. We want to know how it might have a knock on effect on the local economy and support the use of the Welsh language."

This initiative is consistent with the consensus amongst Linguists that one of the most effective defensive strategies to defend and strengthen the status of minority or threatened languages is economic growth and wealth creation within the the language area which in turn leads to greater political power and influence on governmental policy.